Saving Money and Promoting Sustainability at the Same Time? Definitely.

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One question I often get is how my service is different than the oodles of clothing subscription boxes available on the market today. Well, there are many differences, but I’d like to share the ones that are most important to my business model.

  1. Styling by Liz is a highly personalized service which takes into account not just your body type and current fashion, but who you are as a person — your values, goals, and desires. I see each client as a person with specific needs first, not just someone to appease with cheaply-made current fashion trends in order to earn a little extra cash.
  2. I accommodate a variety of budgets. My fee is proportionally low compared to current stylist rates, and that is because I want to stay approachable and available to the average person. Being a working professional myself, I am aware that people have different amounts of money to invest in their wardrobes. I do advocate for choosing high-quality pieces that last longer, but I also utilize ways to save my clients money and get the best deals. The main way I do this is by regularly shopping at second-hand stores for gently-used quality pieces which I can then offer to my clients at a fraction of their original cost. While this model doesn’t work for everyone, I find that many find relief in knowing that they don’t have to spend a huge chunk of their paycheck on clothing.
  3. The fashion industry is, unfortunately, a highly unsustainable industry as a whole. This, even more than budgetary reasons, is why I turned to second-hand stores for the majority of my personal wardrobe. However, I’ve discovered that although many people would do the same if they could, the idea of searching through piles of used clothing is incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, through years of practice and developing a knowledge of textiles, I have perfected the art of thrift store shopping to ferret out the highest quality brands, cuts, and fabrics on your behalf. This keeps old clothing out of landfills and cuts down on the demand for new clothing, which is what subscription companies and fast-fashion culture contribute towards. When you shop with me, you know that you are supporting a business that seeks to work towards a less polluted future in a less wasteful society. And even if you do need to purchase some things new, I will still help you look for quality pieces that last so that the environmental impact is lessened.

So there’s a quick but slightly more in-depth look into the ethos of my business model. If these principles and ideas jive with you, feel free to contact me to chat about it!


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    Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Thank you!

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    Hi there, thanks for the shoutout! Off the top of my head, one place I would recommend is HELPSY ( They are a clothes recycling business, and offer education and support about sustainable fashion.

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    Yes to all of this! And it gets us into good habits, which is also so important to pass down to kids. I ll admit I grew up thinking money grew on trees since my parents very much believed that the more expensive something was, automatically the better it was, and it was a horrible lesson that s taken me years to get out of.

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      Good for you for being open to learning more sustainable habits! It’s the little steps we take that can really make a big difference.


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