Building an Inspired Outfit

Fashion comes in waves. Styles, patterns, and fabrics come back and forth, each time with its own variation. That’s why one of my favorite styling techniques is building era-inspired outfits. They aren’t necessarily entirely vintage looks, but they absolutely channel the vibe of a certain time period, while still complimenting my style and personality. Since I’m part of a ballroom dance community that regularly hosts “decade dances,” I get ample opportunities to play with this type of styling. (Though really, I’ll sometimes do this with my everyday outfits too!)

If you’ve ever found yourself saying something like, “I was born in the wrong decade — none of the in-style trends look good on me!” then keep reading. My philosophy is, if it makes you look amazing and isn’t out of style for a good reason, rock it! Here are a couple examples for inspiration.

The first is a twenties-inspired look. The twenties were all about draping, loose styles to accentuate the popular boyish look, but with seriously fun accessories. Now, I have a curvier figure, so those looks don’t typically work for me. Instead, I went for a modern dress with a tight skirt but the illusion of draping, which served to straighten out my figure optically. Then I added a Grecian hairpiece and some lipcolor and voila!

Another fun outfit was a 70’s-inspired look. For this one, I instantly went for my favorite golden flared pants — the 70’s were full of bright colors and flowing fabrics, with natural makeup. (Also jumpsuits, another trend that is coming back in!) After playing around with a couple tops, I opted to add a gauzy, flowing white top with a bright cellulose necklace and silver bangle. If I were wearing this out and about as opposed to a 70’s dance, I might change the top to one slightly easier to tuck in, but otherwise I could still easily make this an office outfit.

So there you go — a little inspiration for creating an era-inspired look! Any other decades or tips you would like to see? Comment below!

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