Initial Consultation: After a phone call to lay the groundwork for your needs, we will schedule a time to have a slightly more in-depth discussion of your unique needs. I will gather information about your personality, body type, sense of style, budget, and reasons for needing a wardrobe update. I will also share my initial thoughts and recommendations and go over any questions you may have.

Wardrobe or Closet Consultation: After establishing your needs and goals, I recommend this service to help you evaluate your current wardrobe. You have the option of me coming to your home, or you bringing the pieces you want me to look at to me, whatever makes you more comfortable. We will focus on removing items that are unflattering or damaged, styling items that you do love, and deciding what items you need to add or replace. I am happy to take any pieces that do not work for you and responsibly donate or re-purpose them on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a large sack of cast-offs. 

Shopping Service: I offer two types of shopping services: hands-on and hands-off. This is meant to accommodate those who enjoy shopping but just need a bit of coaching, as well as those who would prefer to stay away from stores altogether. 

With the hands-on shopping, I will arrange to meet you at the store, and will have a few items pre-chosen for you to try. This is a great option if you haven’t gotten a chance to try many different styles and need the freedom of sampling different sizes and cuts to see what works best for you. I typically recommend doing this at least once and approaching it with an open mind. But remember, if something doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to say so!

For hands-off shopping, I will take note of your sizes and wardrobe needs and then go shopping for you. After a couple weeks, we will meet and you can try on the items. If they work, you can buy them, if not, there is no obligation to keep them. This can be done on a monthly or seasonal basis, or you could have the option to stay on my watchlist and I will notify you if I find a great piece that you might like. 

Initial Consultations: $25
Wardrobe/Closet Consultations & Personal Shopping: $50/hr.
Shopping Service: Cost is per piece

Tailoring: I am able to handle various tailoring projects, depending on the nature of the garment and the alterations needed. The cost for this is per project, and I will give estimates before beginning. Common jobs include:

Button Replacement
Seam Tears
Waistband Reduction

Other projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. I will tell you if the item is worth fixing, and if I cannot take on the project myself, I will give you a list of recommended tailors to assist you.